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34:1 CBD to THC (typical)

This quick flowering variety is typically ready for harvest approximately two to three weeks earlier than most other strains. Outdoor growers in the Atlantic Northeast can expect a late September to early October harvest. A great strain to grow in conjunction with a later flowering stain to facilitate staggered harvesting!

  • CBD 10 – 14% at 0.3% total THC. (typical results)
  • CBD 15% or higher at 0.3% ∆9 THC. (typical results)
  • Sold in plug trays of 72, or individually in 4″ grow pots.
  • Crops will display a single consistent phenotype.
  • Genotype and phenotype have been refined for the Eastern US climate.
  • This is a Cheyenne Mountain Seed Company proprietary strain.
  • Delivery, pickup, and shipping options are available

Hemp Clone Basics

Many of the people at Everyday Cannabis have spent a fair amount of their time growing hemp. As growers, we really prefer clones over other start options due to their uniformity of both appearance and cannabinoid expression. As a grower of clones, you’ll find that all of your plants of the same strain will be ready for harvest at the same time, instead of at the varying levels of flower and plant maturity so commonly associated with seed started hemp plants. This is due to the fact that seeds have genetic differences inherent to their individuality, while clones are exact copies of a mother plant. Your field of hemp clones will be full of exact copies of the same plant!

We offer numerous strains, some of which flower much earlier than others. If you’re interested, we can design a grow plan that incorporates numerous strains and will allow for a staggered harvest. A staggered harvest is great for situations where harvest help is in short supply!

Purchase Requirements

Hemp Clone buyers must be approved through their respective state licensing programs. Verification of approval is required prior to clone shipment/pickup.

Pick-up is available in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Delivery is available for a fee.

Shipping is available for an additional fee.

Hemp Clones are typically cut to order. Although we sometimes have extra trays available for instant purchase, this is not usually the case. As such, it’s suggested that you pre-order your hemp clones.

Hemp Clones are unavailable for purchase through our online store do to the legalities associated with their purchase and possession.

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